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SINCE 1997

ENGINEERING DESIGN 500PXOCI offers both Product and Project Design Services

OCI can take your concept for a tool or system from an idea to a finished design using the latest technology. Tell us about your project and we will design a tool or system capable of meeting your needs.

Product Design

We have the latest 2D and 3D CAD systems to produce designs in a creative and timely manner.

OCI has years of experience designing standard and special equipment for virtually all drilling industries and their methods. Methods of drilling include micropiles, duplex, micropiles, duplex, Down-the-Hole hammer, jet grouting, compaction grouting, augers, caissons, directional, percussive, reverse circulation, open hole, displacement, and vibro.

OCI is not limited to drill tooling; we also design-build support equipment and accessories that are fundamental to the completion of your project. Large or small, OCI is always prepared to assist with all special equipment and accessories that you require.


We can assist in design for both methods and materials.

OCI can advise the availability of casing, tools, and materials that will meet the specifications required on your bid. Often the specifications are months, even years old and the pipe markets are always changing. Alternate designs may need to be considered before you lock yourself into pipe size, material, or tools that are in short supply or not available in the quantities you will need to complete the contract.

OCI can assist with recommendations on methods that will meet the specifications required on your bid or project. Often there may be several ways to complete a project. We can help you determine the best option to fit your needs and project requirements.