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Micropile Casing

OCI's range of product offerings prominently includes Micropile Casing, a specialized component essential for robust foundational support in diverse construction and geotechnical applications. This product line is rigorously engineered and marketed to both domestic and international clients, reflecting OCI’s commitment to global standards and local needs.

The micropile casings are designed using a variety of thread forms, each tailored to optimize performance and durability under specific ground conditions. The selection includes many outside diameters with various wall thicknesses, allowing for precise adaptation to different project requirements and geotechnical challenges.

Further distinguishing OCI’s offerings, the casings are available in any length, facilitating their use in projects ranging from low head room to projects that have no limitation on length. This adaptability is backed by OCI’s advanced manufacturing processes, which ensure high-quality, reliable products that consistently meet rigorous industry standards.

In summary, OCI's micropile casing solutions embody the company’s dedication to engineering excellence and customer satisfaction. These products not only meet the varied needs of the construction sector but also pave the way for innovative building techniques in challenging environments. Whether the project is local or international, clients can rely on OCI’s experience and knowledge to deliver solutions that are both effective and efficient.

The chart on the Brochure PDF (below) is to be used as a reference guide only as additional sizes and options may exist.